Vancouver Riot was not Brock Anton’s first run-in with the law

A look at Brock Anton’s criminal history before the Vancouver riot.

After seeing the devastation of the Vancouver riots and sharing in the collective craving to see that justice be meted out to those involved, DoubleHearsay has been scouring the criminal court lists for information about charges being laid in connection with the riot.

So far, no obvious hits on either the Vancouver, Surrey or Port Coquitlam adult court lists for appearances related to freshly laid criminal charges. Our search so far has been limited to offences related directly to the riot and unlawful assembly provisions of the Criminal Code, though there’s doubtless several other offences that rioters could have been charged with depending on the scope of their involvement. We’ll keep checking and keep you posted as information becomes available.

In the meantime, DoubleHearsay is pleased to provide some (publicly available) background information on individuals who have already been (self-)outed through social media as having played a role in Wednesday night’s riot in Vancouver. (more…)

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